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Best time to visit
Spring and autumn are the best times to travel around central and northern Iran. while visits to the south coast of Iran are best made in the winter. months.
Visas may be obtained from Iranian Consulates and Embassies. A visa may also be issued on arrival for certain nationals.

The essential requirement for the ladies is to conceal hair and to wear modest cloths. As for men, knee length shorts are not acceptable. Care should be taken not to give offence by wearing clothing which may be considered.

Persian, the country's official language, has been culturally and historically one of the most prominent languages of the Middte East and regions beyond for centuries.

Internet and international 24 hour telephone and fax service is available in most hotels. internet and WI-Fi is  avalable in all cities . The postal services in Iran are quite efficient and reliable.

220 volts AC, 50 cycles.

Weight & Measure
Metric System.

Credit Card
Except for better tourist shops in large cities, credit cards are not generally accepted in Iran. Travelers are recom- mended to carry hard currency to cover their needs.

Persian Food
Prepared from fresh ingredients, the lightly seasoned dishes are generally based on rice, meat, fresh herbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Plus three and a half hours Greenwich Mean Time.

Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) is 50 km south of Tehran, and Mehrabad International and Domestic Airport (THA) is 1Okm west of town. Internal airlines are widely used as the primary means of transportation, so flights are often booked well in advance. There is a reliable prepaid taxi service outside the international and domestic arrivals hall. There's rail service, both within the country and to Europe and surrounding countries. Bus service is extremely popular,and many buses run each day between all cities and towns in Iran. An escorted tour is the best way for most first-time visitors to see the country. Hiring a car and driver or taxis would be a second choice.